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“One Pill Can Kill” awareness campaign announced

Attorney General Lynn Fitch launched “One Pill Can Kill,” a public awareness campaign to educate, support, and empower Mississippians about the dangers associated with fentanyl and the resources available to save lives. General Fitch made the announcement at the University of Mississippi, along with Chancellor Glenn Boyce and State Sen. Nicole Boyd. Click here to access the media kit.

“Fighting the opioid crisis has been one of my top priorities since I took office, and with counterfeit pills becoming increasingly common in Mississippi, it’s vital that we pool our energy and resources to fight back,” said Fitch. “One Pill Can Kill is an initiative to educate, support, and empower all Mississippians with information on the dangers of fentanyl, how to identify it, and what to do if you or someone you know is overdosing.”

The One Pill Can Kill initiative is one half of a two-prong approach to fighting fentanyl. As part of the initiative, the Attorney General’s office will distribute Fentanyl Harm Prevention Kits – which include two Fentanyl test trips, a safe drug disposal bag, and a pill identification card that identifies whether the drug is legitimate – to colleges and universities, law enforcement agencies, community mental health centers, and other community groups. In addition, General Fitch unveiled the AGO Fentanyl Strike Force, a concerted effort to train and organize law enforcement officers and prosecutors across the state to safely and effectively investigate and prosecute fentanyl cases. 

Boyd, who worked with Fitch to update Mississippi’s law so testing strips would no longer be illegal as drug paraphernalia, said, “The legislation passed this year to provide more access to life-saving measures is welcomed news for the families and education institutions in Mississippi that have been torn apart by the opioid epidemic, including deaths from fentanyl. As we all continue pursuing a comprehensive range of solutions to tackle the opioid epidemic, I applaud our state, health officials, local community, and the University of Mississippi for acting to put this life-saving medication in the hands of more citizens – a move that is sure to fight deaths and save lives.”

Following the announcement, the Attorney General’s Office and the University of Mississippi will host a training with School of Pharmacy students on how to administer Naxolone, often known by its brand name, Narcan, which is a life-saving medication that can reverse an overdose from opioids including heroin, fentanyl, and prescription opioid medications. This event is the first of multiple on-campus launch events as part of the One Pill Can Kill campaign.

Boyce said, “Fentanyl’s reach knows no boundaries and impacts individuals from all walks of life, including college campuses across the country. At the University of Mississippi, we are committed to helping our students thrive and to supporting them holistically to manage and maintain their total well-being. This approach includes addressing challenges head-on that can have the most harmful and long-lasting impacts on them like the fentanyl epidemic. I appreciate Attorney General Fitch’s leadership on forging solutions focused on education, support and empowerment for the citizens of our state.”

Fitch concluded, “One pill is all it takes to kill, and we have lost too many of our loved ones. Let’s beat this fentanyl crisis together, Mississippi.”

Learn more about One Pill Can Kill at AttorneyGeneralLynnFitch.com/OnePill or request a Fentanyl Harm Prevention Kit by email at onepill@ago.ms.gov

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