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Auditor says government can save money by being smarter with vehicle purchases

State agencies should consider how many miles they plan to put on a vehicle and how often they will use the vehicle before buying it, according to a new report from State Auditor Shad White’s office. 

Mississippi state agencies and other government offices own thousands of vehicles purchased with taxpayer dollars, from law enforcement and fire rescue to the Department of Transportation. The new report takes a deep dive into vehicle spending and makes recommendations to government purchasing officers to save taxpayers money.

“From the biggest cases—like the welfare scandal, where we wrote nearly 200 pages of audit findings telling you where the money went—to studies of smaller purchases, like state government purchases of cell phones or cars, we’re committed to uncovering as much waste as possible and helping government operate efficiently,” said White.

The report aims to help state or local governments make smarter decisions on when to buy, rent, or use personal vehicles.

“This report was intended to help government offices, but if you’re running a small business and you purchase vehicles, this should help you decide whether to buy or rent, too,” added White.

To read the full report, visit the Auditor’s website and search “Fleet” under the “Reports” tab.

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