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MEMA updates damage report from flooding

The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency is assessing damage with county emergency management offices in the areas impacted by significant flash flooding beginning on June 8, 2021. Currently, counties are reporting 551 homes impacted, 17 businesses impacted, and 286 public roads and buildings impacted by this event.

“MEMA and the county leaders are working to assess the damage as quickly as possible. County requests and needs are currently being met at the local and state levels. Our other stakeholders and partners, like the American Red Cross, are servicing displaced residents in the impacted areas. We want to assure those residents that we are working to gather all data to determine if the state can apply for federal resources,” says MEMA Executive Director Stephen McCraney.

MEMA Executive Director Stephen McCraney (Courtesy photo)

To qualify for possible federal financial assistance, the state as a whole must reach an estimated damage threshold of $4,599,310, and individual impacted counties must also reach their specific damage threshold; those amounts are dependent on population.

For farmers that have suffered losses during the flood event, that damage must be reported through the county Farm Service Agency.

Residents can self-report damage to county emergency management agencies through MEMA’s self-reporting tool. Click here to view the self-report links for each county. Impacted residents can begin their recovery efforts by filing insurance claims and documenting damage through photos.

Currently, preliminary damage reports from the following counties are as follows:

Attala County:

  • Homes Impacted: 3
  • Public Roads Impacted: 29
  • Businesses Impacted: 1

Bolivar County:

  • Homes Impacted: 303
  • Businesses Impacted: 3

Carroll County:

  • Homes Impacted: 7
  • Public Roads/Buildings Impacted: 13
  • Businesses Impacted: 2

Chickasaw County:

  • Public Roads Impacted: 10

Coahoma County:

  • Homes Impacted: 1
  • Public Roads Impacted: 10
  • Businesses Impacted: 1

Grenada County:

  • Homes Impacted: 13
  • Public Buildings/Utilities Impacted: 2

Issaquena County:

  • Homes Impacted: 13
  • Public Building: 1
  • Businesses Impacted: 1

Itawamba County:

  • Public Roads Impacted: 4

Kemper County:

  • Homes Impacted: 12
  • Businesses Impacted: 1

Lafayette County:

  • Homes Impacted: 4
  • Public Roads/Utilities Impacted: 14
  • Businesses Impacted: 6

Lee County:

  • Homes Impacted: 18
  • Public Roads Impacted: 2

Leflore County:

  • Homes Impacted: 81

Madison County:

  • Homes Impacted: 7
  • Businesses Impacted: 1

Oktibbeha County:

  • Homes Impacted: 1
  • Public Bridges Impacted: 1

Panola County:

  • Homes Impacted: 8
  • Public Roads/Bridges Impacted: 28

Quitman County:

  • Homes Impacted: 12
  • Public Roads Impacted: 36
  • Businesses Impacted: 1

Sunflower County:

  • Homes Impacted: 13
  • Public Roads Impacted: 55

Tallahatchie County:

  • Homes Impacted: 46
  • Public Roads Impacted: 41

Union County:

  • Public Roads/Bridges Impacted: 37

Yalobusha County:

  • Homes Impacted: 6
  • Public Roads Impacted: 3

Yazoo County:

  • Homes Impacted: 3

*These are preliminary numbers and could change throughout the assessment process.

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