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Rolling outages in Northcentral service area

Northcentral Electric Cooperative Saturday morning announced that it will begin rolling outages in response to a Tennessee Valley Authority Emergency Load Curtailment Plan activation in response to extreme demands on the power system.

The outages will be 30 minutes and members in what Northcentral called “lower impact areas” will experience them first. That will allow the cooperative to not have to turn off power to essential services, such as nursing homes, hospitals, and sensitive industrial operations, until absolutely absolutely necessary. 

“We are not able to give advance notification to specific areas impacted in most cases,” the cooperative stated. “Just know that these outages will be restored within 30-45 minutes if all goes as planned. 

The outages are required for the reliability of the entire system and the seven-state region that TVA serves.  

Northcentral has posted what areas are being impacted on its Facebook page.  

10:30 a.m. update- The cooperative has since stated the rolling outages would end at 10:30 a.m. The TVA has relaxed its requirements for power consumption.