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Police release information about threats 

Southaven Police Monday released information about arrests that were made Feb. 6 when it learned a juvenile had made threats to a school or to commit suicide.  The headline on the news release stated the incident took place on Windy Ridge Drive.  

Police received a call on Feb. 6 from a suicide prevention hotline that an individual who resided in Southaven had made threats to either shoot up a school or commit suicide on Feb. 15. 

The information went to the department’s Investigative Services Unit, and detectives were able to verify the person’s identity and address. The person who made the threat is a juvenile who resides with parents in Southaven.  

After speaking with the suspect’s mother, a youth court custody order was granted for the suspect, who was then taken into custody.  The father was also arrested for hindering prosecution, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest.  This entire event was recorded by a body-worn camera.  

Police say the case is now in the hands of the DeSoto County Youth Court and the Southaven Municipal Court. The news release mentioned footage of the body camera would be released but not until the investigation is completed, per state statute.

Part of the reason the department detailed the incident, which it normally does not do in cases involving juveniles, was to ask everyone allow the judicial process to unfold and not try this case in social media or court of public opinion. Police officials have observed several misleading versions of the event on social media.  

“Southaven Police are compelled to address this matter for the integrity of its police force, along with the individual officers,” a news release from the Southaven Police Department stated.  

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