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DeSoto Democrats to meet Saturday in Hernando

Democrats in DeSoto County are preparing for the County Convention set for Saturday, March 23 at 10 a.m. at the County Courthouse in Hernando. 

During these meetings, DeSoto County will elect delegates who will represent them in the Democratic county conventions. These delegates will play a key role in selecting the county’s Democratic Executive Committee—the individuals who will lead the county party for the next four years. 

The conventions will also determine delegates for the congressional district and state party conventions. These conventions will, in turn, elect the State Democratic Executive Committee for a four-year term, as well as delegates to the Democratic National Convention and two representatives to the Democratic National Committee.  

Andre Wagner, Executive Director of the Mississippi Democratic Party, emphasizes the  inclusivity of the process, stating, “We welcome and encourage the participation of  every Democrat in the county conventions. The process is completely open to everyone  who supports our party.” Wagner further highlights outreach efforts, extending  invitations to all registered voters and seventeen-year-olds turning eighteen on or  before Nov. 5.”

Wagner concludes, “We need committed and hard-working volunteers to serve as  precinct leaders, county committee members, and state committee members. Our  leadership is most effective when it comes from the grassroots. Anyone interested in  serving as a party leader or a delegate to the national convention should attend their  county convention on March 23.