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Kelly helps introduce “Gold Star Altitude Act”

U.S. Representatives Trent Kelly (MS-01) and Tim Ryan (OH-13) Wednesday introduced the “Gold Star Altitude Act.” This bill will allow Gold Star family members to use travel benefits to fly on military aircraft when there is available space to select locations.

“The Space Available travel program is a military benefit that allows active and retired members of the Armed Forces to travel on military aircrafts to select locations when unused space remains open on the aircraft,” Rep. Kelly said. “While families of the active and retired family enjoy this benefit, Gold Star families – families who lost their servicemember while actively serving our country – have not been included in the benefit. When someone pays the ultimate sacrifice in the defense of our freedom, the least we can do is ensure their family enjoys the same benefit as those who are currently service or retired from service. I’m extremely proud of this legislation and I’m looking forward to working with my colleagues to see that it is signed into law.”

Congressman Ryan added, “Offering space available travel to family members of those that have paid the ultimate price is the least we can do to express our gratitude as a nation for those servicemembers that have given their lives for our country.” 

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