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Horn Lake Walmart cleared after suspicious device found

The Horn Lake Walmart Supercenter was cleared for a short time Monday morning, July 24 after employees reported finding a suspicious device on the premises.  

Horn Lake Police received a call about 8:50 a.m. from store management that the item in question was left near the back loading dock and found by employees. 

The store was evacuated while the device was investigated and inspected by the police.  They determined the device was an empty insecticide/pest control dust bulb. It was removed and disposed of. 

Management was notified of the findings and the store was being reopened at management’s discretion.  

Note: Story updated to clarify item that was found was an empty insecticide/pest control dust bulb, which was originally misidentified in the police department report and which they have since corrected.

Photo courtesy Horn Lake Police Department

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