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Hernando works to fix potholes

Hernando city officials are urging city residents to report potholes they may encounter while driving the streets of the city. 

Recent ice storms and cold weather have helped increase the number of potholes that have appeared around the city and neighborhoods.  

When rain and moisture enters the small cracks of the asphalt, potholes develop and it’s an unfortunate, but expected, part of winter driving in the Mid-South.  

When the moisture from normal precipitation gets into the cracks it dries out quickly with little to no damage, but when the moisture in the cracks freezes it causes problems. 

City officials, in a post on the City of Hernando website, said the moisture freezes and expands nine percent more than its normal liquid form, with all the pressure building it pushes the existing cracks further apart. This damages the asphalt in that area causing it to break loose from the road base, which forms potholes.”

The website post went on to relate the following: 

What is being done to combat the potholes?

  • The City has had crews out daily filling the potholes, with the exception of days that it has rained.
  • The crews have put down over 35,000 pounds of patching material and continue to work on them daily. 

How can residents help?

  • The City seek residents’ help with reporting potholes when observed.
  • Public works has 22 employees to take care of all the city’s needs, but they can’t be everywhere at one time.

Residents can go to a “Report a Concern” tab on the city website to report potholes and other issues. 

Report a Concern link: 

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