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Hernando Board of Aldermen meeting highlights

Hernando aldermen Tuesday evening voted to go ahead with the Dogwood Hollow subdivision sewer project. The City will be advertising seeking bids for the project to provide sewer service to that part of the city.  

Traffic congestion near the intersection of McIngvale Road and Commerce Street has become a growing issue for drivers, with the city looking to address possible solutions. Tracy Huffman of Waggoner Engineering appeared before the board Tuesday to explain a plan that was determined to alleviate that issue. Aldermen will now be taking the Waggoner Engineering findings into consideration. Mayor Chip Johnson said much of the problem has come from northbound drivers trying to turn west to Commerce Street and a possible double left turn lane may help ease that problem.  

Another item from Tuesday’s Hernando board meeting was the hiring of Edward Espitia as the City’s Finance Director.

You can watch the Hernando Board of Aldermen meeting from the City’s YouTube channel:

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