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Gammage continues to keep county secure

Photo: Former Olive Branch police chief Don Gammage, owner of D&K Security. (Bob Bakken/

In over 37 years of law enforcement, Don Gammage was committed to the phrase, “Protect and Serve.” 

Even in retirement after being the Olive Branch police chief, Gammage commits to secure and protect businesses, churches, and other entities as owner, with his wife Kathleen, of D&K Security. 

It’s been a company that has been in existence since 2007, but when Gammage became Olive Branch police chief, the company was put on hold for 13 years.  

“When I became Chief of Police in 2009 we suspended it,” Gammage said. “We didn’t want any conflict with the position I was holding, so we suspended it until I retired in 2022. That’s when we started it back up.”

Since reactivating the company, D&K Security has gathered together 40 law enforcement officers working on their off-hours as armed security officers.  

“This is what they do on a daily basis,” Gammage explained. “They are trained and certified in deescalation, active shooter, they have all of the training that you would need in order for you to do the job and make the right decisions for the company on the liability side.”

As seen with the recent attack on a Campbell Clinic surgeon as part of a situation in Collierville, active shooters in the business world remain a threat in today’s society. Gammage said his security officers are trained for those types of situations.  

“Most of the businesses already want you to have active shooter training so we try to have that,” Gammage said. “We want to make sure that they are qualified with their weapons, active shooter training, and CPR training. They are going to get trained before they go out. That’s another reason we use police officers. Most of them already have training.”  

D&K Security works with businesses, shopping centers, private security and parties.  The firm also offers security for churches, which Gammage said is an unfortunate necessity today.  

“Now in these times I highly recommend security for churches,” he said. “It’s bad to say that we have to have security in churches, but we need it. No one is immune to crime, not even churches, and that’s a shame.”  

Gammage said 90 percent of his clients are located in Mississippi, with the remainder being weekly work with churches in Memphis. Some Midtown and Downtown events have also been covered by D&K Security officers. He said the services he provides are something that business owners need to consider before something tragic happens.  

“I feel like you want to be proactive. You don’t want to react after that fact,” Gammage explained. “If something happens, it’s really too late. I think they need to be proactive, get out in the front end.”  

The services provided include industrial, church, and convention security, outdoor/sporting events, security patrols, gate security, and employee checkpoints.  

D&K Security is licensed through the Mississippi Secretary of State, is a member of the Better Business Bureau, FEMA/MEMA certified, and ALERRT certified for active shooter response.

For more information, click on the link for D&K Security or call 901-870-2255. 

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