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DCA students learn better home appreciation in model project

Students at DeSoto Christian Academy in Olive Branch have headed home for the summer and some of the students now have a better appreciation of the homes that are in their neighborhood. 

At the same time, a recycling component was added when ninth graders at the school, located at Longview Heights Baptist Church, were charged to make model homes with recyclable material, designing their homes in a style of their choosing.  

“I love to use recyclables and I like to be creative,” Bales said. “I believe God made us to create and I’m trying to get them to create and find joy in that.” 

The students showed off their model homes to fellow students before the school year ended.  They were shown different styles of homes and then selected one of their choosing and started making and creating their home.  

“We studied architecture style,” Bales said. “We talked about design elements in art. We studied color theory and then put it all together in our project. They chose time periods and chose the homes.” 

Bales said there was more than just making a home that was involved in the project.  

“Appreciation of historical homes, an appreciation of the building process. They are now noticing shingles and siding. They know what a gable roof is and what a hip roof is. They know what dormers are and can articulate that.”

Photo: Ninth grade students at DeSoto Christian Academy with their model homes made in Julie Bales’ art class. (Bob Bakken/

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