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Check your voter registration cards

DeSoto County officials Wednesday put out a call to registered voters to look at their voter registration cards, and let them know if you haven’t gotten a new card, yet.  

Redistricting has changed the ward and district lines in some cases and where you voted before may not be where you are now voting.  

Officials say some voters are reporting to them that they have not received a new card. There have also been instances where a mailed card was returned to the county offices in Hernando because of a voter having moved from that address.  

With the upcoming elections, it’s important that voters have the correct information and know exactly where they will need to go to cast your ballot.  

You should also be watching for a mailer from the county explaining redistricting, precinct locations in their district, and information about their Supervisor and elected leaders.

If you haven’t received a new card yet, you are asked to call the Circuit Clerk’s office immediately and let them know.  The number is 662-469-8350. They can help you rectify any potential discrepancies and ensure your voting rights remain intact.

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