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Carjacking suspects caught in Southaven

Three men are awaiting extradition to Memphis after they were caught following a pursuit into Southaven by Memphis police.   

The suspects were identified as Anthony Jones, Eldridge Buford, and Alvin Armstrong. 

Southaven police were notified about 5 p.m. Wednesday, April 19, that Memphis police were chasing a vehicle south on I-55 entering Southaven. It was reported that the vehicle being chased was involved in a carjacking.  While on I-55, a rifle had been tossed out of the vehicle being pursued by police.  

Police said the vehicle left the interstate, headed east of Goodman Road, and then went north on Airways Blvd. At that point, the vehicle crashed with another vehicle and suspects fled the vehicle being chased by police on foot.  

Southaven and Memphis police were able to apprehend the three men after the crash and took them into custody. The rifle that was tossed from the vehicle on the interstate was also recovered for evidence.

Jones, Buford, and Armstrong are all being charged with receiving stolen property.  

One thought on “Carjacking suspects caught in Southaven

  • If these guys don’t get a severe consequence for this car jacking and running from police, what will keep them from doing it again and maybe next time someone will be killed. If this does happen the judge should be held accountable for letting them off easy.


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