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Campaign website offers sample ballot and voter information

Candidates for elected office need voters to cast their ballots if they have any chance of being elected. That means a variety of methods are used, from campaign signs, phone banks, offering free rides on Election Day, and other methods of reminding voters of the day and the importance of voting.

The Dianne Dodson Black campaign has gone to the effort of putting together a page on its website that offers sample ballots for each county in the First Congressional District. Black, an Olive Branch small businesswoman, is the Democratic nominee for Congress and is challenging Republican incumbent Rep. Trent Kelly in the Nov. 8 election.  

There are links on the website that will offer sample ballots by county.  The DeSoto County-specific page includes the races for Congress, DeSoto County School District Board of Education in Districts 1 and 2, along with the Hernando one-cent tax referendum. Listed are also the uncontested races for Court of Appeals, Chancery Court Judge, and Circuit Court Judge.  

The sample ballot is actually a compilation of the races on the ballot in DeSoto County Nov. 8 because not every race will be found on the ballot when you go to the polls at your specific polling place.  

As it is a campaign-generated item, the ballot will show marks for Black and the DeSoto County school board candidates her campaign is supporting: April Wright in District 2, and James “Eric” Wright in District 1.

Black’s campaign urges voters to plan their vote by making sure voters are registered to vote, review the sample ballot, and locate your polling place.  

To see your ballot or to get further information click here Y’All Vote Secretary of State Website.

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