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Redistricting and voter information mailed to county residents 

If you live in DeSoto County, you likely have received in the mail, or will be getting in the mail shortly, an informative item related to voter redistricting.

Provided by the Board of Supervisors, the mailer provides essential information about the redistricting process, newly established district boundaries, voting precincts, and their respective Supervisor.

Because of redistricting, some citizens are in a new district, and others may be assigned to a new voting precinct.

“Our intention is for these fliers to help explain the redistricting process, and to let residents know who they can contact if they need assistance with county matters,” said District 2 Supervisor Mark Gardner.

Every ten years, counties are required by law to use new Census data to redraw their district lines to reflect local population changes since the prior census. Each of the five districts in DeSoto County must be as equal in population as practicable. 

“It’s no secret DeSoto County has grown a lot,” said District 1 Supervisor Jessie Medlin. “The Census showed us where people were moving, and where district lines had to be adjusted.”

To do that, the County held a series of meetings, and hired a consultant to ensure the district boundaries were adjusted to maintain fair and effective representation. 

“We wanted to make sure residents are well-informed and empowered to participate actively in the upcoming elections,” said District 3 Supervisor Ray Denison.

The mailer also provides information that is important to non-voters. 

“As a Supervisor, I serve all citizens in my district equally, whether they vote or not,” said District 4 Supervisor Lee Caldwell. “That’s why this flier includes information on how to contact your Supervisor and their duties.”

The DeSoto County Circuit Clerk’s Office recently mailed new voter registration cards. Citizens are encouraged to look at the map on the mailer, and their new voter registration card closely. “There were some major changes made to the boundaries of districts,” said District 5 Supervisor Michael Lee. “Even if you are new to a district, you can rest assured that all Supervisors remain committed to maintaining direct lines of communication and effective representation.”

The redistricting fliers are being mailed to all residential addresses in DeSoto County.  They can also be downloaded from our website and on the new DeSoto County Connect App.

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