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Archive library opening in Southaven City Hall

Southaven Mayor Darren Musselwhite has been actively promoting the city’s history and the latest move in that direction comes from the result of the City Hall renovation in 2019-2020.  

Reporting on his “Mayor’s Report” blog recently, Musselwhite said part of the renovation where the Southaven Chamber of Commerce was formerly located is becoming the city’s first Archive Library.  

This 1,369 square foot room will soon be complete with accessories to display archives for all of our citizens and visitors,” Musselwhite said. “We should be proud of who we are as a city and the events and efforts of our people in the past that made us!”

Part of the renovation removed the old drive-through at the entrance and expanded the entrance interior.  Glass walls now open the view to the landscaped grounds.  

The city recently reduced wall space opening up this entrance area even more to expose window views of Jim Saucier Park.  Part of this area which was formerly used by the Southaven Chamber of Commerce will now become the City’s first-ever Archive Library.  

Musselwhite said construction of the space is now complete and the archive display will be ready for viewing in the next 1-2 months. 

Area to be filled for an archive library in Southaven City Hall (Mayor Musselwhite Facebook)

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