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Northwest’s R.C. Pugh Library is Celebrating National Library Week

Photo: R.C. Pugh Librarians ready to help patrons and assist them finding resources. (Photo credit: Sarah Smith)

The R.C. Pugh Library at Northwest Mississippi Community College on the surface is not unlike what you would expect of a college library–rows of books, plenty of study spots. However, like many libraries, “there’s more to the story” as goes 2023 National Library Week’s tagline.

Many are unaware of the knowledge that the ladies–stereotyped as often wearing glasses and cardigans and shushing loud patrons–are apt to talk and help students research, find resources, and provide tips.

National Library Week is the last week of April and celebrates libraries as critical economic resources for communities by providing internet, technology access, literacy skills, and job postings as well as providing access to musical instruments, computers, and tools.

R.C. Pugh in Senatobia is celebrating National Library Week with events such as Long Night Against Procrastination on Wednesday, April 26, and on Friday, April 28 the Mississippi Born and Banned event. The DeSoto campus library is celebrating April 26 with games and library trivia.

In addition to fun events like this, they provide spaces for educational programming such as book checkouts, seminars, story times, online resources, and something unique and new that is popping up in libraries across the country: escape rooms.

The escape rooms at Senatobia are headed up by Maya Berry, digital librarian, and at DeSoto Center are led by Instructional Librarian Courtney Hicks.

Berry and Hicks also work with students on a variety of projects and tools, including using the 3D printer, sewing machines, sticker making, button making, and continuing to grow the maker space.

“We’ve had students make really practical things,” Hicks said.

Every librarian at R.C. Pugh encourages students to come by and ask for help if they need it. For sensitive subjects that are hard to ask for help, there’s cards with library call numbers to find books on those subjects. If you’re stressed or overwhelmed, there’s a Zen room to relax. The Zen room provides a serene environment with twinkle lights, a massage chair and books on topics spanning different mental health topics.

Every part of the library team wants faculty, staff and students to know there are no stupid questions and that they are there to help students compile research. Librarian Victoria Penny said that they also provide “pop-in” workshops on research topics.

To learn more about the R.C. Pugh Library, stop by any time 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Friday, or 2 to 7 p.m. Sunday, or visit their website at

To learn more about National Library Week visit

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