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Walmart announces aggressive pharm tech pay scale

Walmart has announced that it is providing higher wages and career progression for pharmacy technicians at its Walmart and Sam’s Club pharmacies. The move includes 645 pharm techs in Mississippi. A company spokesperson said this was the second large investment in this group of associates in the past year.

Effective this week, Walmart is raising pay for more than 36,000 Walmart and Sam’s Club pharmacy technicians, increasing their average hourly wage to more than $20 an hour.

Pharmacy technicians will get more frequent, automatic pay raises as Walmart will introduce a new, progressive wage model designed to set us apart from the competition.

Certified pharmacy technicians can make $3 more per hour than their non-certified peers, so Walmart covers the costs for getting certified – from career diplomas, on-the-job training and test prep, to paying the certification exam fee. 

Walmart said that pharmacy techs stepped up as heroes during the pandemic and they also play a critical day-to-day role in the continued growth of our Health & Wellness business. These investments reflect that and send a strong signal to pharmacy techs everywhere that Walmart is serious about attracting top talent and giving them the tools to build a successful career. 

The discount giant said it plans to hire an additional  5,000 pharmacy techs this year.

More on the move was posted on the company’s corporate blog.  

Corporate Walmart blog post

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