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Major tech company announces recruitment campaign

Software Consulting Services (SCS) is announcing a major expansion and recruitment campaign aimed at the country’s top software developers and engineers. Company officials say they plan to hire from all across the state of Mississippi, as well as Tennessee, Arkansas, and regionally. 

SCS is one of the South’s fastest-growing tech firms, with clients across the United States. Thanks to the company’s rapid growth, a new recruitment campaign is underway to attract the top talent in tech, with immediate openings available. 

CEO Coy Gauthier said, “we are excited to announce the launch of our new recruitment campaign. SCS is growing much faster than anticipated, and we are not experiencing any slowdown impacting others in tech.” 

Among the talent needed immediately, SCS is looking for mid to senior-level security engineers, network engineers, and full stack (including C# and Microsoft SQL Server) software developers. These hires will directly aid the company’s four major growth areas: software development, secure networking, virtualization, and storage. 

Gauthier continues, “Our company serves a wide range of clients whose companies are also on growth trajectories. While most of the work is confidential, we know that we need to grow our dedicated team of client-centric professionals. We welcome anyone with the qualifications driven to work in a fast-paced, quickly growing industry in our area who perhaps feel they are currently being held back by anything other than their skills. At SCS, we are solving the almost ‘unsolvable’ problems for our clients at a pace faster and more innovative than ever before.” 

SCS is a Mississippi-based, full-service information technology company with clients throughout the state and the US. SCS prides itself on values and longevity, where they excel in a competitive field by consistently delivering on promises and forging strong client relationships based on trust, transparency, and mutual respect.

SCS’s diverse clientele includes local, regional, and national enterprises. While clients vary significantly in size and reach, they all have in common the understanding that partnering with second-string technology companies or trying to go it alone can devastate a business. SCS specializes in enterprise provisioning, software development, network engineering, and IT consulting. 

SCS news release

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