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Supporters grateful for medical cannabis bill signing

Supporters of medical marijana are grateful for Gov. Tate Reeves’ signature on the Mississippi Medical Cannabis Act signed Wednesday.  

Reeves, with little fanfare, signed the bill authored in large part by state Sen. Kevin Blackwell (R-Southaven). The final version of the bill was a conference report between what passed the Senate and the difference in a House version of the bill.  

The governor had the option of signing the bill, vetoing the bill, or let it become law without his signature.

CEO/Founder Angie Calhoun of the Mississippi Cannabis Patients Alliance said the alliance was grateful to Gov. Reeves for signing the bill into law.  

“The Mississippi Medical Cannabis Act  is a TRUE Medical Cannabis Program that will help to give relief and quality of life to thousands of patients across our great state,” Calhoun wrote DeSoto County News in an emailed statement. “February 2, 2022 is a day that will be remembered by the people of Mississippi as a day that honored the will of the 74 percent of voters and a day that demonstrated compassion for the patients of Mississippi.”

The licensing process now begins and that should be ready within about six months. That means the program could be operating before the end of the year. Patients will be able to purchase roughly three ounces of prescribed cannabis a month.

Economic development incentives are not allowed for the medical cannabis industry. Cities and counties have 90 days to opt out of allowing medical marijuana facilities to grow or sell. However, voters could then petition for an override election that would then allow the facilities to function.  

Calhoun, who has a son who was forced to move to Colorado to get the medical cannabis he needed,  expressed gratitude to the legislators who passed the bill and sent it to Reeves for his signature. 

“ I am eternally grateful to the 90 percent of Legislators who supported the bill that Senator Kevin Blackwell and Representative Lee Yancey created and to Governor Reeves for signing the Mississippi Medical Cannabis Act into law,” said Calhoun. “What a wonderful day for our patients!”

Mississippi will become the 37th state to offer a medical cannabis program.  

On the signing of the Medical Cannabis Act into law, Gov. Reeves issued this statement on his social media channels.  

Gov. Tate Reeves statement on medical marijuana law

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