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State to end COVID emergency

After months of planning with key leaders of the Governor’s COVID-19 Task Force, the timeline for withdrawal of National Guard troops has been finalized. The State of Mississippi will be ceasing all operations with the Mississippi National Guard on July 15, 2021.   

Governor Reeves also announced today that the termination of the COVID-19 State of Emergency will take effect on August 15, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. 

Gov. Tate Reeves (Official photo)

“I want to thank all Mississippians for their sacrifices over the past 15 months. Your actions resulted in a significant decline of COVID-19 cases and allowed our state to effectively manage the impacts of the virus,” Reeves said. “I’m also extremely proud of the way our Mississippi National Guard, State Department of Health, MEMA, and other state agencies have capably handled this pandemic. With their help, we’ve administered nearly 2 million COVID-19 vaccinations. While a State of Emergency should no longer be necessary after August 15, all Mississippians should remain vigilant, get vaccinated, and follow public health guidance.” 

“Mississippi is winning the battle against COVID-19! Mississippi National Guard Soldiers and Airmen have served with honor and dedication supporting the Governor’s COVID-19 Task Force since March 2020,” Adjutant General of the Mississippi National Guard, Maj. Gen. Janson D. Boyles said. “The Governor’s timeline to lift Mississippi’s State of Emergency declaration on August 15, 2021, ensures our over 1,500 service members complete all necessary out-processing requirements and receive the benefits and entitlements they have earned during their dedicated service to our state.”

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