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Reeves signs bill banning gender reassignment procedures for children

Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves today signed House Bill 1125 – the Regulate Experimental Adolescent Procedures Act – which bans gender reassignment procedures for Mississippians under the age of 18.

“At the end of the day, there are two positions here. One tells children that they’re beautiful the way they are. That they can find happiness in their own bodies. The other tells them that they should take drugs and cut themselves up with expensive surgeries in order to find freedom from depression. I know which side I’m on. No child in Mississippi will have these drugs or surgeries pushed upon them,” said Reeves.

The legislation bans any person from knowingly providing gender transition procedures to a person under 18.

It also prevents public funds or tax deductions for prohibited gender transition procedures, places enforcement procedures on the Mississippi State Board of Medical Licensure and stops Medicaid from covering gender transition for persons under 18.

The full press conference and bill signing can be viewed here.

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