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Reeves signs bill addressing fair water billing based on usage

Gov. Tate Reeves Friday, April 14, signed House Bill 698, which guarantees that water billing rates will be fairly applied based on usage.

“Water bills based on property values squeeze the middle class,” said Gov. Reeves. “Americans are already paying more for just about everything thanks to inflation stemming from Washington’s wasteful spending – their wallets are stretched thin. They can’t afford to pay more for the home they already own. Water bills will continue to be based off of personal consumption – just like what is being done throughout the rest of the country.”

Concerns have been raised as some have suggested moving away from the billing model currently used by water systems across the United States, in favor of basing water usage rates on other factors, such as property values. This would create an unproven billing model that would financially penalize individuals based on factors unrelated to how much water they choose to use.

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