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Reeves, Presley report May campaign finances

The two main candidates for Mississippi governor Friday, June 9 revealed the latest monetary infusions to their respective campaign war chests. Incumbent Republican Gov. Tate Reeves and Democratic challenger Brandon Presley have both released their May financial reports.

Presley, the Northern District Public Service Commissioner running to unseat the incumbent Governor, reported his campaign has more than $1.7 million cash on hand overall. That comes with more than $355,000 raised during the month of May, powered by growth in first time contributions.  

Presley for Mississippi’s fundraising haul was fueled by small-dollar donations, with 88.5 percent of contributions being less than $200 and over 2,250 total donors. Presley’s campaign said 1,343 contributions were from new donors, campaign officials reported in a news release.  

“Mississippians deserve a governor who will return power to the people’s hands and they know Tate Reeves won’t do it,” said Presley campaign manager Ron Owens. “ This grassroots support is a clear sign that Mississippians are ready for a leader like Brandon who will work for all Mississippians, not just the campaign donors who can write him large checks.”  

Presley campaign officials noted that they had raised significantly more money than Jim Hood, who reported $210,000 in contributions for the same period in election year 2019.

Meanwhile, the Reeves campaign says that $9.4 million cash on hand was reported at the deadline to report, which was June 1.  

About $650,000 was raised in May, with nearly $600,00 of the total being in-state contributors.  

This is after Reeves recently began a $1 million media campaign that runs through June highlighting Mississippi’s path through difficult times and success in the face of hardship. 

“The governor is dominating every facet of this race: working hard on the campaign trail, engaging directly with voters, while raising and spending capital to get our positive message out. We couldn’t feel better about our position,” said campaign manager Elliott Husbands. 

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