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Northern District multi-modal grants announced

The Mississippi Transportation Commission recently announced $2.8 million in funding for multi-modal transportation projects throughout the Northern District.

One of the grants targets funding for the municipally-owned Olive Branch Airport in DeSoto County. The money is being used to rehabilitate 13 existing T-hangers at the airport.

Olive Branch Airport tarmac with planes.

The commission approved the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) to award grants to regional and municipal airports, ports, railroads and public transit systems throughout north Mississippi.

“MDOT’s focus stretches far beyond Mississippi’s highways and interstates; it also includes intermodal transportation and its vast network of railroads, airports, public transit, and ports and waterways,” said Commissioner Tom King, Chairman, Mississippi Transportation Commission. “Each mode of transportation is vital in its own way. Whether it’s by transporting people, goods or services, all modes work together to promote economic growth and development throughout the state.”

Funding for these multimodal grants comes from the Multimodal Transportation Improvement Fund. Money from this fund is allocated specifically to support multimodal grants each year. Grant applications, which include project details and funds requested, are reviewed and approved by a multimodal committee specific to each separate mode of transportation.

Two ports received funding.

Yellow Creek State Port Authority, $241,500 – crane support platform.

Lowndes County Port, $486,974 – Third lane rail super expansion and crosstie repair.

Three railroads received funding.

Mississippian Railway, $297,000

Mississippi Delta Railroad, $400,000

Yellow Creek Port Access Railroad, $246,400

Four airports received funding.

City of Columbus and Lowndes County, $189,534

Golden Triangle Regional Airport Authority, $227,369

City of Holly Springs, Marshall County, and Marshall County Industrial Development Authority, $157,500

City of Olive Branch, $273,505

Five public transits received funding.

Aaron Henry Community Health Services, $88,017

Mississippi Valley State University Mass Transit, $39,617

Northeast Mississippi Community Services, $64,843

Oxford University Transit, $65,902

Starkville – MSU Area Rapid Transit (SMART), $38,114

Mississippi Department of Transportation news release

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