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McRae: Onward and Upward, Mississippi!

By Treasurer David McRae

It was my great-grandfather who started our family business in Mississippi, believing so heartedly in the work ethic and values of our communities. My grandparents and parents chose to stay, to raise their families here. My wife, Katie, and I have made that same decision. 

I believe fully and completely in Mississippi’s potential. We are a people who have known hardship, shown resilience, and risen to become a beacon of progress to the nation. 

Earlier this month, our state held an election to choose Mississippi’s leaders for the next four years. I am humbled to have received your continued trust and support.  

Since taking office, my team and I have tackled problems big and small. We have turned College Savings Mississippi’s books around, returned more than $80 million in unclaimed money to you, protected the state’s strong credit rating, and saved taxpayers more than $100 million through debt refinancing deals. 

As I look toward the next four years, I’m excited to continue this momentum. I have big plans to continue growing the unclaimed money returns as a means to stimulate the economy without adding a burden to taxpayers (search for your money at treasury.ms.gov/search). I also look forward to enrolling more families in a Mississippi College Savings account (learn more at www.treasury.ms.gov/collegesavings). 

But we have some rough water ahead too. Federal spending and debt have undermined growth and left the nation’s economy on shaky ground. We must continue to embrace conservative financial policies here in Mississippi to weather the storm, protect our credit rating, and preserve the health of our state’s economy. 

I also remain committed to fighting woke “ESG” investment policies that threaten Mississippi jobs, pensions, and savings accounts and to pressuring the country to adopt a Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. 

Regardless of the challenges, however, I remain optimistic. Together, we can make the most of Mississippi’s potential and ensure this state remains a place we are all proud to call home. 

Mississippi Treasurer David McRae is the 55th Treasurer for the State of Mississippi. In this role, he helps manage the state’s cash flow, oversees College Savings Mississippi, and has returned more than $80 million in unclaimed money to Mississippians. For more information, visit www.Treasury.MS.gov.

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