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Lottery announces January transfer to state

The Mississippi Lottery Corporation (MLC) announced Thursday its January transfer of $23,620,028.54 in net proceeds to the Lottery Proceeds Fund in the Mississippi State Treasury. This brings the total net proceeds for Fiscal Year 2021 to $75,073,228.69, including a financial adjustment of $76,400 from Fiscal Year 2020.

“We are thrilled to make this extraordinary contribution to the state,” said MLC President Tom Shaheen. “In January, we saw astonishing growth in Powerball® and Mega Millions® sales as a result of the jackpots growing to unprecedented amounts. Additionally, increasing sales in Cash 3 has fueled growth, and instant scratch-off games continue to be popular.” 

Shaheen continued,  “By law, the first $80 million of the fiscal year transfers is dedicated to road and bridge repairs; funds over $80 million are earmarked for education needs. With five months remaining in Fiscal Year 2021, we are on track to raise enough revenue for distribution to both groups.”

Mississippi Lottery Commission news release

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