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Gas prices continue to rise

Feeling a little more pain in the purse or wallet when you fill up your car or truck? You’re definitely not alone.  

As of Sunday, Oct. 24, the nation’s average price for gasoline had risen to $3.38.5, according to the American Automobile Association, or AAA. That is an increase of 2.5 cents a gallon in just a week. 

In Mississippi, the average price for regular gasoline was set at $3.062 a gallon. The popular gasoline price app GasBuddy said DeSoto County area-reported prices were ranging from $2.81 to $3.19 per gallon.  

Ten states have seen the largest increases in their averages: Connecticut (+13 cents), North Carolina (+13 cents), Florida (+13 cents), Rhode Island (+12 cents), New York (+12 cents), Tennessee (+12 cents), New Jersey (+12 cents), Massachusetts (+12 cents), New Hampshire (+11 cents) and Vermont (+10 cents).

Oklahoma has the lowest average price at $3.01 a gallon with Mississippi having the fifth-lowest average price. California rates as having the most expensive regular gasoline price in the country at $4.544 a gallon.  

AAA has several tips available to help drivers save fuel and ease the pain at the pump, which you may see at the AAA website.  

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