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Flag change approved and sent for Reeves’ signature

With one exception, the DeSoto County legislative delegation in Jackson solidly voted its support of the change in the state flag approved by voters in the November general election.  

House Bill 1, a measure that provides for the design change that a commission recommended and voters approved, was overwhelmingly passed in the House on Tuesday and sent to Gov. Tate Reeves by the Senate on Wednesday.

Each member of the legislature representing DeSoto County voted in favor of the bill, although state Rep. Dan Eubanks (R-Walls) was recorded as voting present. 

The flag, which some have nicknamed the Magnolia Flag for its prominent use of the state flower, also displays the state motto, “In God We Trust.”  

The official banner replaces the Confederate-themed flag that was set aside by the Legislature about six months ago.  Legislators had to vote the flag into state law, even though it was voted in by voters during the general election last November.  

The old flag was the last state flag to display the Confederate battle emblem.  

The new flag becomes official with Gov. Reeves’ signature, which was expected to happen Thursday.  

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