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Flag Day celebrated in the United States

Wednesday, June 14 is Flag Day, observed each year to recognize a national symbol that has been part of the United States since the days of the Revolutionary War. 

It was in 1777 the Continental Congress approved the design of the national flag. Legend says George Washington asked Betsy Ross to make the first flag, but the Library of Congress states that the actual design was made by Francis Hopkinson, also who designed the Great Seal and the first coin of the country. 

“Ross most likely met Washington and certainly sewed early American flags in her family’s Philadelphia upholstery shop,” the Library of Congress states on its website.  

President Woodrow Wilson issued a Presidential proclamation in 1916 establishing Flag Day on June 14, however President Harry Truman signed Congressional legislation designating June 14 as Flag Day and requiring the President to issue a Flag Day proclamation each year.  

President Joe Biden issued this year’s Flag Day and Flag Week proclamation on June 9.  

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