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Pinkins endorsed by The Collective Pac

Democratic candidate Ty Pinkins, running to represent Mississippi in the U.S. Senate, has received the endorsement of The Collective PAC, the nation’s largest political action committee dedicated to enhancing Black political involvement, representation, and influence in all levels of government.

Expressing gratitude, Pinkins stated, “I am deeply honored and humbled to be endorsed by The Collective PAC. Our joint commitment to advancing progressive policies that elevate the Black community and propel America forward is truly inspiring. I am eager to unite our efforts to create a significant positive impact in our community.”

Pinkins, a Rolling Fork native and Vicksburg resident, secured the Democratic nomination for Mississippi’s U.S. Senate in early March. With a background as an attorney, a 21-year U.S. Army veteran with three combat tours in Iraq, recipient of the Bronze Star, author, and former Presidential Communications Aide to Democratic and Republican Presidents.

“All across the country, Black candidates are leading the way in fighting for values we all share. From protecting workers’ rights and the environment to fighting for equal pay for women and criminal justice reform, these leaders believe that politicians should help better the lives of families — not make things more difficult. Our newest slate of endorsed candidates is centering fairness, justice, and equality for all and we are proud to support them as they work to progress their communities forward,” states Kevin Olasanoye.

Ty Pinkins’ goals include advocating for legislation that supports small-family farmers, generating new job opportunities, reducing unemployment rates, and improving education. Pinkins focuses on ensuring healthcare access and insurance for Mississippi residents and pushing for Medicaid expansion pending state Legislature approval. Additionally, he emphasizes voting rights, supporting easier voter registration processes like same-day registration. Pinkins will face incumbent Republican U.S. Senator Roger Wicker in November.