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Mississippi Medical PAC endorses Reeves for Governor

Photo: Gov. Tate Reeves with leadership of Mississippi Medical PAC on Sept. 12. (Courtesy photo)

As the campaign season continues toward the November general election, we are starting to see announcements of endorsements for the various candidates.

Wednesday, the political action committee for the largest physician organization in the state–representing more than 5,000 physicians, residents and medical students–is officially endorsing Tate Reeves for Governor. As governor, Tate Reeves has steadily worked to improve health care outcomes in the state and promoted investments in health care.

A Republican, Reeves is being challenged in the November general election by Northern District Public Service Commissioner and Democratic candidate Brandon Presley.

“Gov. Tate Reeves has been a great supporter of physicians in Mississippi on important issues in medicine such as promoting the physician-led team, increasing access to care via telemedicine, supporting mental health education and treatment, extending postpartum Medicaid coverage, and growing the footprint for more physician residency programs in our state through the Office of Mississippi Physician Workforce,” said James A. Rish, MD, MMPAC Chairman. “We have worked together for many years, and are committed to further work with Gov. Reeves to address and identify solutions to healthcare challenges in our state.”

“We know that we have more work to do to address health care in Mississippi, and we are never going to stop working to make it happen. We have to continue to invest in great physicians, nurses, hospitals, and health care to make Mississippi even stronger,” said Reeves.

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