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Williams: I’m a Conservative fighter running to represent you

By: John T. Williams

Note: The following is an opinion article provided by John T. Williams, a candidate for House District 28 State Representative and running against W.I. “Doc” Harris in the Republican primary. Primary election day is Aug. 8.   

For far too long, Jackson has been run by go-along-to-get-along establishment Republicans who have failed to represent what’s best for the people. The citizens of our state have been neglected by politicians who put themselves before their constituents, and it’s time for results-driven leadership to take charge. 

The people of Mississippi deserve better, and that is why I am running for State Representative. I will serve as a strong and principled voice in Jackson who will fight for the core conservative values that our state holds dear. This includes fiscal responsibility, pro-life policies, protecting our Second Amendment rights, and protecting the people we represent.

The radical left’s calls to defund the police have put our citizens in danger. As a father and as your next State Representative, I am committed to public safety and ensuring that law enforcement officers have the resources they need to protect our communities. I will fight for increased funding for law enforcement, so we can ensure our officers are equipped with the latest technology, training, and resources to keep Mississippians safe. 

While violent crime rates are at historic highs across the country, the federal government has been pushing for gun control measures that would strip Mississippians of their right to bear arms. I believe this is wrong and goes against our Constitution’s Second Amendment rights. I will fight to ensure that all citizens have the right to bear arms and the ability to defend themselves and their families. I will do everything I can to ensure that overreaching executive orders do not infringe upon these rights. 

Our country has lost respect for human life. More needs to be done to protect life at all stages, from conception to natural death. I will fight for pro-life policies that recognize the humanity of the unborn child and ensure they have a fighting chance of living a happy and healthy life. 

I understand the hardships that Mississippians are facing due to the economic crisis under Joe Biden’s administration. We need to take decisive action now to reduce taxes and cut spending in order to ease the financial burdens on families across our state. 

I will work hard to make sure that we abolish the income tax and reduce other taxes so that everyone can keep more of the hard-earned money they have worked so hard to make. This will be a priority for me, and I will fight tirelessly to make sure these tax cuts are implemented.

My commitment to the people of Mississippi goes beyond politics—it’s about doing what is right. As your next State Representative, I am ready and willing to fight for the core conservative values of fiscal responsibility, pro-life policies, Second Amendment rights, public safety, and tax relief that our state holds dear. I will work hard to ensure our citizens have a strong voice in Jackson and I will always put people over politics. 

I am committed to standing up for the people of Mississippi and will never back down from a fight for our conservative values. 

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