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Sally Williams continues the fight for Mississippi children in new, vital role

By Bailee Harris

Sally Williams, Executive Director for Healing Hearts Child Advocacy Center (CAC), will be moving to the Children’s Advocacy Centers of Mississippi (CACM) in Jackson as the Chief Programs Officer. 

Williams reflects on her time at Healing Hearts CAC by stating, “This has been a very rewarding experience for me. I came into this knowing about Healing Hearts and what they did for the community. When I had a chance to become a part of it, it was something I jumped on.” She continues, “I truly believe in what we are doing, and I truly believe that any community that has a child advocacy center is a lucky community.” 

Healing Heart’s mission is to respond to child abuse with a supportive team including law enforcement, forensic interviewers, mental health therapists, among others in their multi-disciplinary team. 

“We give a voice to the bravest children we know,” Williams said. “When there is an outcry of abuse, neglect, human trafficking, or some kind of violent crime that affects children, we are there to protect those children.” 

In her new position, Williams will be working closely with the CEO of CACM to help with statewide training, data collection, and any legislative issues or changes that may arise. With a background in other non-profit organizations, journalism, marketing, public relations, and law, Williams hopes to improve consistencies among child advocacy centers throughout the state. 

Williams explains, “What I’m hoping to do is streamline a lot of the processes that children’s advocacy centers do across the state, as far as making sure we are consistent not only with the programs and services we offer but in the way that we offer it.” 

Healing Hearts CAC Program Director, Misty Gray, will bring eight years of dedication into the Executive Director role. 

“I am still just as excited as I always have been to fight for the children of Mississippi, and those who are not strong enough to voice what’s going on.” Williams closes, “No child should ever have to protect themselves. I am excited to share more information on a larger scale as to how we can protect our children.” 

Bailee Harris is a reporter/contributor for DeSoto County News.

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