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Barton: Dangerous crime won’t go unchecked

Note: The following opinion article is provided by candidate for District 23 District Attorney Matthrew Barton. He is running against Robert Morris III for the position.  Primary election day is Aug. 8.  

By Matthew Barton

Throughout my life, I have been many things: a husband and father, a son, a Christian, a conservative, an attorney.  The glue that pulls all these roles together is my top priority of protecting the safety and security of my family and community. It’s been one of my guiding principles over the years, and it’s the foundation of my decision to run for DeSoto County District Attorney.

DeSoto County is filled with hard-working, kind, honest people.  Everywhere I go, I’m surrounded by proud Mississippians with traditional family values and a shared way of life.  Since moving to the area with my wife years ago, I’ve worked tirelessly to do my part to better our community by serving as a special prosecutor for Southaven, Horn Lake, and DeSoto County Justice Courts. Throughout my time in this role, I’ve developed a strong reputation for being tough on crime. 

Nothing is more important than preserving the safety and attractiveness of DeSoto County.

Mere miles from our community, crime runs rampant in Memphis.  Violent crimes, drug offenses, and other dangerous activities are on the rise while their newly elected liberal prosecutors refuse to take the necessary steps to crack down on criminals destroying their city. As a result, this crime is spreading into neighboring communities like DeSoto County, threatening our way of life. 

If left unchecked, a rise in dangerous crime could have dramatic effects on DeSoto County, creating uncertainty and fear among us while also drastically devaluing our home values and putting our high-achieving school district in jeopardy.  Unwanted crime would hinder our community’s ability to prosper, by deterring good families and jobs from staying. Memphis crime will cost us opportunities for conservative business developments and good jobs.  And it will jeopardize our economic attractiveness.  Increased drug activity will lead to a surge of overdoses, loss of life, and even more violence.

If elected to represent District 23 as your next District Attorney, this dangerous crime won’t go unchecked, and it certainly won’t take root in DeSoto County.  Unlike Memphis’ liberal prosecutor, I will be tough on crime.

I have extensive experience handling criminal cases, putting dangerous offenders behind bars, and protecting our community from violence the likes of which runs amuck in Memphis. 

As District Attorney, I will prosecute dangerous criminals to the fullest extent of the law, showcasing my tough-on-crime reputation and giving bad actors a reason to fear acting out beyond Memphis city limits.

I promise your family and mine that Memphis crime will not bleed into our community if you hire me for the job.  These dangerous criminals need to pay for their crimes, and the criminal influence and danger coming out of Memphis must be stopped.  I will stop it.  Because, throughout my life, my top priority has always been protecting the safety and security of my family and my community.

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