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Trio caught in Olive Branch after chase

Three men from Memphis have been arrested in DeSoto County as part of a chase for a stolen vehicle that ended up with stolen guns also being recovered. 

According to information from the DeSoto County Sheriff’s Department, Olive Branch police officers were in pursuit of a stolen vehicle that entered the city limits late Monday morning. 

Stolen vehicle from Monday’s chase being taken away.

Deputies picked up and continued the pursuit on state Highway 305 near Sandidge Road until they were able to stop the vehicle near the intersection of College and Craft roads, by using what the Sheriff’s Department termed a “tactical vehicle intervention,” or TVI. 

The pursuit maneuver is used to stop a vehicle by means of coming in contact with the rear quarter panel of the vehicle being pursued to cause that vehicle to spin 180 degrees and thus keep it from continuing to flee down the roadway.  

Once the vehicle was stopped, three Black males, two of them armed, fled the scene on foot. The trio was apprehended a few hundred yards away from the scene.

Deputies combing the field near College and Craft roads in Olive Branch as part of the chase of a stolen vehicle. Three guns were also recovered, including an AR-15.

The Sheriff’s Department report indicated three firearms were recovered, one in the suspects’ car. The other two were found in a field.  

The stolen firearms included an AR-15 with armored piercing bullets that would penetrate a bulletproof vest. 

No one was hurt in the incident and the suspects’ identities have not been released yet.  

(Photos courtesy DeSoto County Sheriff’s Department)

9 thoughts on “Trio caught in Olive Branch after chase

  • Cheryl Feathers

    Thank you Desoto County Sheriff’s Department. You guys rock!

  • Charlene kettler

    Why is there bullets that can penetrate a armored vest on the streets? May I ask? It’s for a friend?

    • Rita Palazzi Yee

      Quoting from a friend with law enforcement experience:
      “Thats fear tactic sensationalism….. every single rifle round goes through a bullet proof vest. Every…. single….. hunting rifle round you could buy at walmart goes through a bullet proof vest.
      Bullet proof vests only stop most pistol cartridge rounds….. and some knives. thats it.”

    • Because the 2nd Ammendment protects our right to bear arms. These worthless thugs are a perfect example of why they should be legal. They don’t obey the law. Law abiding gun owners should have the right to meet evil with equal force. The thugs would find a way to get them even if they were illegal.

  • Rena Maxwell

    Thank you DeSoto county police for your protection talking about to close to home that was it

  • Many thanks to the DCSD for the protection y’all provide to our county and citizens. This situation could have turned out so tragically, but your expertise and training got the job completed without injury to anyone. Always praying for our police and first responders…great job, stay safe, and hug your families extra big tonight.

  • A B Murphy

    We live about two miles south of the intersection of College Rd and Craft Rd. This is another case of the Desoto Co.
    sheriffs dept and the local police working together to stop the invasion from Memphis.

  • Mr Golden

    Why is there bullets that can penetrate a armored vest on the streets? May I ask? It’s for a friend?

    .They were stolen. Same way prescription pills get on the street. Dur!

  • Charlene K.

    I had no idea that bullets could penetrate vest. I learned something. Thank you for the info. I thought that’s what they were made for. So does the military use the same vest? I’m curious.


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