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The Joy of Missing Out

By Loretta McNary

Do you ever feel like this time of year is sometimes extremely overwhelming? If so, you are not alone. Countless studies say the holiday season can really mess with our minds, causing us to feel stressed and drained. But guess what, just like there is a joy in seeing a rainbow in the sky after a storm; there is a solution to the blahs. It’s called JOMO, short for the Joy of Missing Out.

I liken JOMO to being at home on a cozy day, lounging with a good book, soft music playing, a lit fireplace and a reading light near the sofa. For me it’s all about enjoying the simpler things in life, not stressing over social media posts or feeling as if I have to show off every moment of every day.

Here are my five tips for enjoying a stress-free holiday:

Loretta McNary

Turn it Off, Tune it Out (TiOTiO my new phrase by me for me)

In a world that is always buzzing with notifications, sometimes taking a break is a game changer. When we put away our gadgets and ignore the constant noise, it is like lifting a weight off our shoulders. I am learning the value of the do not disturb feature on my phone. JOMO is saying no to people, places and things that can drag us down, skipping events that don’t vibe with us and making room for real connections with family and friends that truly matter.

Me Time is Key

In the craziness of our day-to-day responsibilities and honey do lists, we often forget how amazing being alone can be for our mental health. JOMO is about finding the power in our solo moments. Imagine taking a walk by yourself in the crisp winter air in your neighborhood, or a quiet night with only your positive loving thoughts to keep you company. TiOTiO reminds us that moments like these are golden and allows us to recharge away from the noise and chatter.

Be Happy Don’t Worry

JOMO is all about being content with where we are right now in life. It’s like the delete button. We get to remove “guilt RSVPs” to all the parties, events, and goals that were established to please others at the cost of our own wellbeing. Instead, we get to choose how we spend our time, finding joy in the regular, everyday activities that we once ignored because we opted to disregard our true feelings of wanting to just stay home and enjoy being home.

Think about this: Relaxing at night by the fireplace, the sound of burning wood, (don’t worry there is an app that recreates this atmosphere for us) and gives us a warm and cozy vibe. JOMO wants us to love these moments and realize happiness isn’t about always wanted and doing more, but simply enjoying what we already have.

You vs You: IT’s NEVER You vs Them

Social media can cause us to compare our lives to others, making us feel like we are not enough. JOMO flips the script. By skipping the virtual show-offs, we can gain control. Imagine a weekend where you’re not bombarded by other people’s flashy fantasy world. JOMO helps us see our worth by our own rules, not the ones made up on social media.

Quality Connections Matter Most

Funny thing – JOMO can help our connections with people become stronger. When we choose quality over quantity during our social time, we are actually building real, authentic relationships. In this season, it is all about being fully “present” when socializing, which helps create more fond memories. Imagine a chat over coffee with a close friend or sharing a good laugh at a small gathering. JOMO turns these moments into treasures, fostering real connections. So, in the middle of our holiday chaos, when everyone is vying for our time, think about choosing the Joy of Missing Out model. It’s an excellent tool to take back our time, enjoy being alone, and live in the moment without being glued to our phone. JOMO is now one of my new superpowers, combined with my unrelenting faith and my never-ending hope in all things are possible for those who believe.

It really is a beautiful time of year, to celebrate with family and friends, instead of feeling overwhelmed with all the “extras”, let’s always choose joy. The feeling of being overwhelmed can replaced with the joy of “getting to” instead of “having to”.

JOMO creates great opportunities to spend guiltless time alone and quality time with those we love. I hope you will join me in fully committing to embracing the chill moments, keeping things simple, and dancing to our own beat!

Because sometimes, the best moments in life are found in the art of opting out of “guilt RSVPS” in exchange for giving a resounding yes to the people, places and things that truly bring us joy.

Loretta McNary is the Lifestyles contributor to website and social media channels. You will be seeing her columns on a weekly basis here on the website and be sure to catch “The Loretta McNary Show” on her channels, including YouTube, Facebook, her website, and others.

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