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Southaven company provides home security

People are focusing more on the home at this time of year, especially with the holidays and with the urge to stay home as much as possible during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Home security becomes an important thing to consider as packages come from UPS, Amazon, the U.S. Postal Service, etc., and thieves are out looking for anything to steal. 

A good home security system that includes cameras is something to strongly consider, according to Charles Murdaugh of Power Technics Inc. of Southaven, a company dealing with providing and installing such systems. 

Murdaugh said high quality cameras are a vital part of that home security.  

“I would definitely encourage people to have some good cameras,” Murdaugh said. “We have advanced analytics in our cameras that can identify whether a person or vehicles appeared and those clips can be easily shared with the police department, Facebook, whatever.”

Analytics are a vital part of home security today as they can more easily identify persons or vehicles when they approach.  

“The doorbell video cameras that we have now also have analytics built into them,” Murdaugh explained. “You’re not going to keep someone from taking something off your porch and you’re not going to keep someone from breaking into your house. What we offer is an early warning and the analytics to identify when an actual threat versus just a tree limb is blowing in the breeze or the neighbor’s cat is walking across the yard.”

Murdaugh added systems can also be developed with sensor capabilities that give the appearance of someone being there, when the home may, in fact, be vacant.  

“Our cameras can also give the illusion that someone’s being actively watched,” saod Murdaugh. “We can tie motion-sensing and analytics capabilities of the camera into the automation system.”

Murdaugh has been involved in the home security business for nearly a quarter-century and Power Technics has been in existence in some form or another since 2004. It was incorporated four years later.   

“Our meat and potatoes are smart home systems,” he explained. “It is a smart home security system that’s able to integrate smart devices, such as smart door locks, smart thermostats, light switches. We do commercial security as well. We try to focus on local small business owners if we can.”

Murdaugh said smart home devices for apartment complexes are a growing market area that will provide more security for tenants and more value for the property owners and management companies.  He adds that his company takes care to provide a system that works at the price the customer can afford.  

“Every system that we install, we don’t take a cookie-cutter approach to it,” said Murdaugh. “We go in, take a look and talk to them. We find out what their concerns are and what their needs are. 

For more information on Power Technics Inc., call 662-470-3002, 877-644-6563, or visit the company website.

From left, Charles Murdaugh and Aaron Owsley of Power Technics Inc. in Southaven

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