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Southaven adds The Chiro Place

Already with three Memphis-area locations, a new chiropractic clinic is about to enter the DeSoto County market area, starting next month.  

The Chiro Place, led by founder Dr. Dena Turner, is to open a Southaven location on Goodman Road East on Nov. 1. Dr. Constance Harrison will be the primary provider for the Southaven clinic, located at 1630 Goodman Road East.  

The Chiro Place founder Dr. Dena Turner the growing clinic comes to DeSoto County and Southaven, because “everything worked out.”  

“We started in Collierville and expanded to Bartlett and then to Midtown (Memphis),” said Turner. “We have had such a huge impact on those communities. We started looking into Mississippi more so when I moved into Mississippi in Olive Branch.”

Corrective and wellness care is what the doctors at The Chiro Place, all of which Turner recruited to be part of the franchise. Harrison is the latest addition and said she chose to chiropractic in a change from an earlier pursuit of physical therapy.   

“I wanted to do PT (physical therapy) with a natural approach, just because I saw my dad take about 10 different medications and I thought there had to be something different than just continuously taking different medications,” Harrison said. “I looked into chiropractic and decided this is what I wanted to do, so I went to chiropractic school and fell in love with this.” 

Turner said The Chiro Place wants to educate people as much as treat patients, so education and involvement is stressed. 

“People have either never been to a chiropractor or they’ve been but they’re no longer going. With every day stress on the body, you need to have consistent chiropractic care,” Turner said. “We do a lot of community involvement and education to ultimately get them aware.”

Pain obviously is telling you that something is not well with you and Harrison said chiropractic helps the body in healing naturally. 

“Your body was made with a healing capacity, so it’s up to you for what you want to do for your body,” said Harrison. “Do a natural approach and change your whole lifestyle rather than being so dependent on medicine so much.”

You may find out more about The Chiro Place when you visit the website

From left, Dr. Constance Harrison and The Chiro Place founder Dr. Dena Turner. Harrison is the lead provider in Southaven for the new The Chiro Place location, set to open in November. (Bob Bakken/DeSoto County News)

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