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Primary runoffs today in Horn Lake, Hernando

Voters in Horn Lake and Hernando are back to the polls today to determine races in three primary elections that were not immediately settled on April 6. 

In Horn Lake, voters are going to the polls today to determine the Republican candidate for the Alderman at Large spot on the general election ballot and the Republican candidate for the Ward 4 Alderman ballot.  

The candidates in the Republican Alderman at Large primary runoff are Danny Klein, who attracted the most votes on April 6 and was three votes short of winning the election outright. Klein faces Chad Engelke, who was second in the primary election and outpolled third-place finisher Regina Morris.  

Today’s winner will face Democrat William Egner in the June general election. Egner defeated Francis J. Miller in the primary election earlier this month.  

Incumbent Ward 4 Alderman Charlie Roberts is facing a challenge from Dave Young in today’s primary runoff vote. Roberts outpolled Young 64-55 in the primary election on April 6 but did not get the 50 percent plus one vote majority. George Dixon finished third with 20 votes to force the runoff.  

Today’s winner will face Democrat Lisa Hall-Hayes in the general election in June.  

Meanwhile in Hernando, there is one runoff vote to be held and that is in Ward 6, where Ben Piper faces Ryan Diffie in the Republican primary runoff for Alderman. The winner will win election to the seat on the Board because there is no Democratic challenger.  

Polls close tonight at 7 p.m. and voters who are in line at that time will be entitled to cast their ballots, according to Mississippi Secretary of State Michael Watson.  

As a reminder, crossover voting is not allowed in this election, meaning voters who cast a ballot in one political party’s Primary Election on April 6 cannot legally cast a ballot in a different political party’s Primary Runoff Election today. 

However, voters who did not vote in the Primary Election are still eligible to vote in today’s runoff elections.

All mail-in absentee ballots must be postmarked by today and received by the City Clerk’s Office within five business days of Primary Runoff Election Day in order to count.

Voters are required to show photo identification at the polls.  A voter without an acceptable form of photo identification is entitled to cast an affidavit ballot. An affidavit ballot may be counted if the voter provides an acceptable form of photo identification to the City Clerk’s Office within five business days after the election.

It is unlawful to campaign for any candidate within 150 feet of any entrance to a polling place, unless on private property.

The polling places should be clear for 30 feet from every entrance of all people except elections officials, voters waiting to vote, or authorized poll watchers.

Voters are prohibited from taking pictures of their marked ballot.

COVID-19: Voters are encouraged to practice good hygiene and follow CDC guidelines at the polls. 

DeSoto County News will be reporting the results of tonight’s primary runoff votes on our website and also on our social media (Facebook, Twitter) channels.  You will find the results on this Google document, which is automatically updated as new information is entered. 

This is the link to the document: Primary Election Runoff

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