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Pedestrian trail construction continues in Southaven

Construction has begun on a new walking trail on the east side of Getwell Road from May Blvd. to Nail Road. The trail will complete the connection with the Snowden Grove multi-use trail and the May Blvd. pedestrian bridge that both will connect to the Central Park/Tchulahoma trail in the next two years through the Silo Square development.  

“When this happens, it will become the longest pedestrian path in Southaven and DeSoto County’s history as it will stretch from the tennis complex near Malone Road on the east all the way through Snowden Grove and Central Parks through Greenbrook on Clarington Drive to Airways on the west,” said Mayor Darren Musselwhite in a Facebook post touting the new trail. 

Musselwhite said the city has made Southaven more pedestrian friendly over the past decade.  

Musselwhite also wrote about other pedestrian projects and future projects planned. 

“In addition, the City now requires what’s called a “complete streets” plan for all new residential and commercial developments to further the pedestrian-friendly initiative,” Musselwhite wrote.  

The Mayor’s post on the project is found on his Mayor Musselwhite Facebook page.  

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