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Olive Branch declares support for Ukraine

As Russia continues its attack on Ukraine and much of the remainder of the world voices and acts on its outrage, a DeSoto County city has publicly come out to support Ukraine. 

Olive Branch Mayor Ken Adams Friday released a declaration from the city stating the city “stands with the people of Ukraine and recognizes their right to defend their sovereign nation.”

The declaration calls Russia’s aggression against Ukraine a violation of the more fundamental principles of democracy, freedom,and human decency.  

The declaration also stated that the unchecked war against Ukraine is a threat abroad and to the United States. 

When contacted, Adams said there was nothing specific that happened to cause the declaration against Russia and for Ukraine.  

“We have been talking in general about the atrocities of one’s country being war torn,” Adams said. “Ukraine may be 5,612 miles from Olive Branch but our prayers and hope from the City of Olive Branch is with them.  We do not take our freedom for granted and are thankful to be blessed with freedom and are committed to maintain it.”  

The declaration is shown below:

Olive Branch declaration in support of Ukraine.

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  • Vickie S Meador

    Our prayers are with the people of Ukraine…


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