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New garbage collection, disposal service provider for county selected

There will soon be a new service provider for garbage pickup in the unincorporated areas of DeSoto County and disposal for the entire county.  

Waste Connections will become the new provider for unincorporated DeSoto County collections and for disposal for the entire county. The new provider will replace Waste Pro for collection and BFI for disposal.  Approval of the new contracts was approved in an unanimous vote of the county Board of Supervisors on Monday, May 1.  

Waste Pro, in particular, has had continuing problems completing collection routes in the county, especially with mechanical issues on their trucks.  

The new contract with Waste Connections will begin on Oct. 1 as a six-year term with four, one-year options, for a 10-year total agreement.  

The county’s contract for disposal will be effective on Oct. 1, 2025 with two 10-year options for a 30-year total agreement.  

Residents will be billed quarterly for their garbage/recycle service. Disposal is a millage that is generated from property taxes. 

BFI now has the disposal contract through the end of September 2025.  

3 thoughts on “New garbage collection, disposal service provider for county selected

  • What exact routs are the trucks and how much will it cost compared to the current provider? Got a map of their proposed rout?

  • Waste Connections would be taking over all of the routes Waste Pro currently services. The county will have more information available as it gets closer to the beginning of the contract.

  • Corey Jones

    Why does it have to wait to October 1st to replace? …………unless it was poorly structured contract on behalf of the county. Someone should be held accountable for this continued mess.


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