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Animal shot event a success

Photo: County Animal Services Director Monica Mock provides the results of the Springtime Shot Event to the County Board of Supervisors on Monday, May 1. (Bob Bakken/ 

A recent event with DeSoto County Animal Services was a very popular opportunity to test, vaccinate, and microchip your favorite pet.

Animal Services Director Monica Mock provided the DeSoto County Board of Supervisors the results of the Springtime Shot Event, held April 14-15 at the County Animal Shelter, 1251 Human Way in Nesbit.  

Mock said there were a total of 205 visitors who came to get their pets vaccinated, microchipped and tested during the two days, an event so well attended the parking lot was filled. 

“We had to do some mitigation in the parking lot because they had to stop the parking lot and park down the side (of the road), we were so busy,” Mock told supervisors. “It was so well attended and we were so appreciative that that board let us do it again this year. It’s a great community event.”

Mock told the board there 260 vaccinations done, 157 microchips, and 134 animals were tested. She said the microchipping is done between an animal’s shoulder blades and contains important owner information on it. 

“It’s like a big shot between the shoulder blades,” Mock explained. “It’s a microchip with information on it. It’s placed under the skin and you can’t track it. It lasts forever. Animals have been found 10 years later with it.”  

During the shot event, dogs 5:1 and cats 3:1 vaccines were given for $10 each, micro chipping was also done for $10, and Feline FeLK/FIV tests were done for $15. 

Mock added animals who have been adopted through the animal shelter in many cases return to have the services performed on them.  

“We see a lot of return animals that we have adopted out at this event and it’s nice to see the same people,” Mock said.  

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