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DeSoto County prepares for new garbage/recycling service

The DeSoto County Government has posted information about the unincorporated county’s move from Waste Pros to Waste Connections for garbage and recycling services, starting Oct. 1.  Following are details about the changeover to the new service from the county’s social media post.  

Current Waste Pro garbage customers in unincorporated DeSoto County will automatically be switched to Waste Connections. Recycling Service will begin Dec. 4 and customers must opt-in for Recycling – it is not automatic.

How much are the fees? 

Garbage Service:  $17.50/month. 

Additional cart:  $6

Recycling Service:  $10 a month. You must sign up for service.

The indication from the county was that Waste Connections was the lowest bidder on the six-year contract.  Other bids were more expensive.

If I already receive recycling services, do I need to opt-in? 

Yes, you must sign up for recycling service. A link will be posted during the first week of September on You can also call 901-398-5400 to sign up. Recycling is an additional $10 per cart each month. 

What should I do with my old cart? 

Waste Pro carts will be serviced until Sept. 30. The old carts will be collected starting the week of Sept. 25 after your service day.. Additional instructions are to come. 

When will I get my new cart(s)? 

Waste Connections carts will be distributed starting in September. This cart will begin being serviced the week of October 1st. Please leave your old Waste Pro Carts at the street starting the week of Sept. 25. 

When will Recycling Service start? 

Curbside recycling in unincorporated DeSoto County will begin the week of Dec. 4.

Why is Recycling Service delayed? 

Supervisors were resistant to moving the recycling start date, but they also did not want to automatically assume all current recycling customers would be willing to pay an additional $10 a month to recycle. After talks with Waste Connections, it was decided additional time was needed to sign up recycling customers.

You can find more information on

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