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More COVID-19 cases in DCS schools

New cases surpass 850 for the week

Photo: DeSoto Central High School reported the most number of new COVID-19 cases in the past week. (Bob Bakken/DeSoto County News)

DeSoto County Schools (DCS) is continuing to deal with rising numbers of coronavirus cases in the past week, according to the weekly update released by the school district Monday morning. 

The total number of new cases in DCS schools last week reached 854, an increase from the previous week of 706. Quarantine numbers did fall to 422 last week from 551 the previous week.  

DeSoto Central High School was the school with the most new cases last week at 72, or 3.74 percent of the student population.  DeSoto Central Middle was next on the list at 57 new cases, followed in order by Lewisburg High (51), Hernando High School (42), and DeSoto Central Primary at 31. Lewisburg High School, at 4.13 percent, had the highest percentage of its student population with a new COVID-19 case. 

The schools with the highest number of new quarantines were DeSoto Central Primary with 50, Walls Elementary with 45, Chickasaw Elementary with 29, DeSoto Central Elementary with 27 and DeSoto Central High School with 26.  The 45 students in quarantine at Walls Elementary amounted to a district-high 6.32 percent of the student population.  

There were 148 school teachers and staff members in the district who reported new COVID-19 cases last week.  

For the second straight reporting week, every attendance center in DeSoto County Schools reported at least one new case of COVID-19. Ten schools did not have a new quarantine but the others in the district had at least one new quarantine.  

You can view the complete report below and also on the DeSoto County Schools official website

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