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McLendon bill would allow MDOT commissioners to adjust salaries

State Sen. Michael McLendon (R-Hernando) has introduced a bill that would allow Mississippi Transportation Commissioners to have their salaries adjusted so they could still, at the same time, be able to receive PERS benefits.  

McLendon has authored SB 2475 to allow that in an amendment change to current legislation. 

All three Transportation Commissioners, including Northern District Commissioner John Caldwell of Nesbit, have had a public service background. Caldwell was a DeSoto County Supervisor and worked in the DeSoto County School District before his election. The other two commissioners were both state legislators before their election. Willie Simmons was an official in the Department of Corrections.

The main part of the bill comes in amending Mississippi Code Section 65-1-7 to read that they commissioners “would be entitled to receive as compensation for their services salaries fixed by the Legislature.” 

Northern District Transportation Commissioner John Caldwell (MDOT Photo)

Transportation commissioners received $78,000 annually. Supporters say it would save the state money but similar actions have struggled to get through the legislature in the past.  

McLendon’s bill was sent to the Senate Accountability, Efficiency, Transparency Committee and to the Senate Highways and Transportation Committee. The bill must get through both committees before it can reach the Senate floor.  

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