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Fundraiser started for Lewis Ranch family legal defense

The family of the late legendary music icon Jerry Lee Lewis is taking to a GoFundMe account in their efforts to raise funds toward keeping the Lewis Ranch as their home.  

Jerry Lee Lewis III, the youngest son of the “Killer,” has started the fundraising effort with a move to evict him and his family from the Lewis Ranch. On the page, Lewis tells his story that he believed the Lewis family was to remain on the Nesbit ranch after the musical icon passed away. He has set a goal of $80,000, of which $2,375 had been raised as of Sunday evening, Feb. 5. 

However, a website that appeared after Jerry Lee’s passing last October states the home is to be put up for sale. The family of Lewis’ best friend and tour manager Cecil Harrelson Sr. says he received two-thirds ownership of the ranch from Lewis in the 1970s. The remaining third was signed over to a law firm. 

Harrelson, who passed away in 2012, granted proceeds from the ranch to his children on condition the estate could not be sold until after Jerry Lee passed away.  

Lewis III claims it was Jerry Lee’s wish that his family remain at the home after he died.  

A legal battle is starting and Lewis III is asking for donations to help him in his legal defense. Meanwhile an eviction notice has been served with a March 5 deadline to vacate the premises. 

MaryJean Harrelson Ferguson has posted a response to the GoFundMe page explaining their position in the issue. 

You can view and contribute to the Lewis family fundraiser here: 

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