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Eubanks files Convention of States delegate selection resolution

Photo: State Rep. Dan Eubanks (left) files HCR 48 in the Mississippi House of Representative Chambers of Tuesday, March 5. (Courtesy photo)

State Rep. Dan Eubanks (R-Walls), a leader in the Mississippi movement to call for a Convention of States, has filed House Concurrent Resolution 48, which if passed, would put in motion the process to select convention delegates should enough states support a Convention of States, or COS. 

The filing of the resolution came during a Capitol Surge Day for COS supporters to talk to legislators about the project on Tuesday, March 5.  

“The resolution would outline the selection of delegates should we get to a place where we can call a Convention of States in our country,” Eubanks said. “If we do, there has to be a process for selecting delegates to send to the convention.”  

The U.S. Constitution provides for the convening of an Article V Convention of States where amendments to the Constitution may be proposed when 34 state legislatures approve a call to hold one.  Thirty-eight states would be needed to approve any amendments the COS would come up with.  

Supporters say the Convention of States would be restricted to proposing amendments that would impose fiscal restraints on the federal government, limit its power and jurisdiction, and also impose term limits on its officials and members of Congress.  

“Support for the first ever Convention of States is growing here in Mississippi,” said Eubanks. “Frankly, it’s growing all across the country. People understand that this is the constitutional solution as big as our country’s problems.”

Eubanks has been a long-time supporter of the Convention of States and served as the Mississippi Commissioner to the Convention of States Foundation Simulated Convention last August in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Nineteen states have passed a Convention of States resolution, including Mississippi, which passed a resolution in March 2019. Fifteen more are now needed before a COS can be called. The resolution Eubanks filed provides for the process to select delegates should a Convention be called.  

HCR 48 was sent to the House Rules Committee for consideration. As a concurrent resolution, it would need passage in both the House and Senate to go into effect.